Drugs and Good Ideas

I basically live inside the Twitter-verse, and a lot of my blog posts are inspired by the amazing group of writers I have met there. One such friend, Tiffany Crystal (her great blog can be found at tiffanycrystal.wordpress.com), started something we call “Bat Files.” Yeah, that probably raises more questions than it answers, but just roll with it. Tiffany gives a prompt for a group of us to consider when writing our blog posts for the week. This week’s prompt is about writing triggers/inspiration: the thing that never fails to get you working.

This is going to sound rather intuitive I suppose, and maybe a little bit dumb, but the thing that never fails to make me lunge for a pen, is a good idea. I don’t necessarily mean my own, but that will certainly get me itching to write too. No, I mean a well constructed story, already in existence, will make me want to write. An overheard conversation on the bus wherein two people find themselves in a situation most people don’t find themselves. Finishing a book I really, really enjoyed. Dialogue with other writers about what they’re working on. Watching a binge-worthy show on Netflix.

This is where I knew I was going to get caught up in a tangent. I’d apologize, but I’m really not sorry.

I started watching Breaking Bad for the first time about a month ago (I know, I know, I’m really behind on the pop-culture band wagon). I have since finished it, which is a feat for me. I have difficulty completing a series in anything less than a year and a half.

I remember watching the first episode with a friend, leaning over, and saying: “this show watches like a good book reads.”

As a pre-published author, I appreciate the strong writing exhibited over the course of the series. It’s filled with great hooks, dynamic characters, internal and external motivations, situational irony, suspense. There’s really not a lot more I could ask for. I didn’t love everything about it, but as a whole, Breaking Bad was the epitome of a good idea to me. As such, it made me want to write. Every marathon session was inspiration waiting to happen.

We live in a world populated with good ideas. With stories already written, and those waiting to be. Seeing that, is what makes me want to write. Knowing there is something to be said, and I can say it. Knowing there is a story to be told, and I can tell it. Realizing people have done so before me, makes me see that it’s doable, and I know I want to do it! I can’t help it. Good ideas just make me want to write.